Introducing Loram Technologies, Inc.

Introducing Loram Technologies, Inc.

Global railway maintenance leader Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc. is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary Georgetown Rail Equipment Company (GREX) will start doing business as Loram Technologies, Inc.  With the name change, Loram and Loram Technologies are introducing realignment of the product lines and service offerings of each organization. 

Loram designs, builds and operates high production track machines including production and specialty rail grinders, shoulder ballast cleaners, ditchers, TrackVacs™, Wagonvacs, undercutters and track lifters, and material handling cars.  With this reorganization, Loram’s unified fleet operations will also include material handling DumpTrains® and SlotMachines®.

Loram Technologies will continue to develop and deliver innovations such as Aurora® tie inspection and BallastSaver® LiDAR inspection services, intelligent ballast car products and services, and SENSR® structural monitoring products.  Loram Technologies will also add Loram’s friction management and geotechnical ground penetrating radar products and services teams to its group.

Loram CEO Phil Homan said that customers will benefit from the new structure. “This reorganization enhances our culture of innovation and promotes clear, effective alignment of our technical and service teams to better solve customer problems,” he said.  “The new structure will enhance our customer focus and accelerate growth within our track inspection and wayside platforms while improving safety and service metrics across all products and services.”

In addition, Loram is excited to announce that there are plans to build Loram Technologies headquarters with a combined office and manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Texas.  The manufacturing facility will be the location for all the fabrication and service hub of the technology products.

“We look forward to the next chapter as we strengthen the Loram brand with this new structure and enhance our ability to meet our customers’ maintenance of way needs,” said Homan. “All of our global teams will be aligned to propel us to success for generations to come.”

About Loram

Since 1954, Loram has brought the most advanced, most productive and most innovative railroad maintenance equipment and services around the globe. Loram’s product offerings include: rail grinding, ballast maintenance, material handling, track inspection services, friction management and structure monitoring. These comprehensive solutions are designed to help our customers achieve operational excellence, extend rail and track asset life and enhance efficiency to new levels.