Ballast Maintenance

Maintenance of Way

A firm foundation for railroad performance.

For railroads to meet their revenue and growth objectives, it’s vital to maintain a high-performing infrastructure. Ensuring a firm foundation across the railroad system is paramount to protecting the performance of the track and the operational effectiveness of the railroad. Strategic solutions for proper ballast maintenance and reliable drainage are key to maintaining this important structural foundation. With a rich heritage of ensuring infrastructure integrity and optimal track performance, Loram is recognized as the industry leader in track maintenance.

Loram Ballast Maintenance

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Shoulder Ballast Cleaning

Loram offers the industry’s most advanced and productive shoulder ballast cleaning services, equipment and technologies, resulting in increased efficiencies and reduced costs. A Loram shoulder ballast cleaning program ensures a healthy, robust railroad infrastructure maintained to deliver maximum ROI.


Essential for the longevity and foundational strength of a railway, proper ditch maintenance increases the stability of ballast and subgrade by moving water away from the track and right of way.

Specialty Excavating

Throughout every railroad, there are specialty trackwork areas that are restrictive for mechanized machines to perform the simplest of tasks such as ballast excavation.


Maintenance of the ballast layer directly below the ties is an essential part of a healthy track structure. Ballast degrades over time and becomes increasingly fouled reducing its ability to drain, provide adequate load bearing support and withstand vertical, lateral and longitudinal forces.

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