Specialty Rail Grinding

The most productive choice for specialty grinding.

Built upon the proven RG400 platform, Loram’s RGS Specialty Rail Grinder features 24 stones driven by 30 hp electric motors, achieving class-leading metal removal, productivity and throughput. The RGS grinds at speeds up to 12 mph in open rail grinding applications and typically grinds a crossing or each switch unit in two to five minutes.

The Loram RGS can grind tangent and curved rail with the same quality as a production rail grinder, yet offers true performance and precision to grind switches, crossings and other obstacles. This makes the Loram RGS an ideal choice for a dedicated specialty rail grinding solution on heavy haul railroads or a versatile dual-purpose machine on commuter rail. With more grind stones per rail than any other specialty rail grinder and twelve, fully flexible grind motors for each rail, as few as three passes are needed to grind the entire railhead. The Loram RGS vastly reduces the amount of time spent at each obstacle, producing superior grind profiles in fewer passes than any other specialty rail grinder in the world.

Features and capabilities of the Loram RGS Specialty Rail Grinder include:

  • Industry-leading 30 hp (22 kW) motors for the most efficient metal removal, optimizes grind time and reduced cost
  • Ability to vary surface finish through variable power reductions to grind motors
  • Independent tilt and shift grind modules for complete grind pass coverage
  • Storage for up to 100 grind patterns with 72 angle settings
  • Machines can be quickly joined to create a 48-stone rail grinder
  • High fuel efficiency and low emissions
  • Flame-resistant hydraulic fluid
  • Integral spark guards and 4,500 gal (17,500 L) water tank for fire suppression.
Length1 135 ft (41.2 m)
Width 9.8 ft (3 m)
Height 14.1 ft (4.3 m)
Maximum Axle Weight1 25.4 – 33.1 ton (23.0 – 30 tonne)
Grind Motors 24; 30 hp (23 kW) each
Grind Speed 2 – 12 mph (3 – 20 km/h)
Travel Speed Self-propelled up to 60 mph (100 km/h)
Gradeability Up to 4%
Minimum Grind Radius 16° curve (110 m radius)
Minimum Travel Radius 22° curve (80 m radius)
Grind Angles 75° Gauge – 25° Field (100° range); coverage to 45° Field
Generator Power Up to 945 kw, 480 Vac/60 Hz, 3 ph
Fuel Capacity1 Up to 1,500 gal (5,700 L)
Water Capacity1 Up to 4,500 gal (17,500 L)
Track Gauge 39.4 – 63 in. (1,000 – 1,600 mm)

1 Excluding Auxiliary Cars
2 Typical; subject to application and material conditions
Specifications subject to change

US Patent: #6953386
US Patent: #6981907

Spec Sheet