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Material Handling

Loram has expanded its offering and resources with the addition of Loram Technologies to offer industry-leading Material Handling solutions. The combined Material Handling offering includes rail handling and rail car cleaning solutions, ballast handling and placement solutions, and work platforms for enhanced productivity in a variety of maintenance operations. Loram’s solutions utilize powerful automation and handling technologies, high capacities and intelligent designs to provide a safer, more cost-effective way to handle railroad materials while drastically improving productivity and reducing operating and labor costs.
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Loram Material Handling

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Using a single DumpTrain, one Loram Technologies operating technician can unload aggregate at a rate of up to 2000 tons per hour – and do it with pinpoint accuracy up to 52 feet from the center line of the track.

SlotMachine / SPS

With the SlotMachine® and the SPS Self-Powered Slot®, mobile work platforms, you can tackle a wide range of jobs faster and more efficiently than ever before.

MHC Series Material Handling Car

Loram’s MHC Series Material Handling Cars are ideal for any project involving transferring and offloading of new ballast, or excavated roadbed materials such as ballast and spoils.

Raptor Rail Train

Loram’s Raptor rail train is a long rail pick-up, handling and delivery system that manages cradle-to-grave rail logistics. The Raptor consists of twin, independent rail loading machines with telescoping booms and a 3-car work unit with rail joining workstations, coupled with high-capacity rail transport trains.


Loram’s Wagonvac is a powerful, productivity enhancer that quickly cleans and extracts excess material from the bottom of railcars and wagon hoppers using powerful vacuum force.

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