Friction Modifiers & Curve Lubricants

Friction Management

Increase the Life of Your Wheels and Rails

Loram has over 60 years of experience studying rail performance. Our comprehensive research has helped Loram gain an understanding of root causes of wheel and rail interaction problems and the threat they pose to the life of your wheels and rail. Increasing the life of these assets drives Loram to provide the ideal top of rail friction modifiers and curve lubricants.

From environmentally-friendly, water-based formulations to high-performance petroleum-based synthetics, and a hybrid product that offers a combination of both water-based and synthetic, Loram has the right friction modifiers and curve lubricant to deliver impressive benefits of improved wheel/rail interaction, fuel economy and asset life for any condition.

Friction Modifier & Curve Lubricant benefits and features

Working with Loram gives you access to the latest developments and solutions in friction modifiers and curve lubricants. Based on individual railroad requirements, Loram can provide the appropriate friction modifier to:

  • Reduce lateral/vertical forces
  • Produce fuel savings
  • Maximize carry distance
  • Increase wheel and rail life
  • Reduce noise
  • Perform in all seasons
  • Provide lasting protection

LORAM Friction Modifiers & Grease

Top of Rail Friction Modifiers

Because wheel and rail friction challenges are different based on various track environments and local conditions, Loram offers a range of friction modifier solutions designed to perform.

Gauge Face Curve Lubricant

Loram offers several gauge face curve lubricant products that are engineered for specific challenges including wide working temperature range and pumpability, load carrying capability and environmental responsibility.

Loram Contract Services

Continued research and advanced innovation.

Loram heavily invests and partners with industry leaders to aggressively pursue research and development activities in friction modifiers and curve lubricants. We understand that as technology continues to advance and evolve, so must the railroads that we serve. Our continued research and development efforts are focused on innovation that maximizes the railroad’s ROI.

Trust the experts at Loram. Our focus is to provide superior performance that increases the life of your most important assets.

Nobody Knows the Rail Better

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