Top of Rail – YardGlide

Application Systems

Predictable Rolling Resistance for Yard Control Systems

YardGlide® ensures a smoother operating railroad yard. Usually installed after each group retarder in a hump yard or after the master retarder in a flat yard, YardGlide ensures proper co-efficient of friction for each car.

YardGlide senses the passing of cars over durable sensors in a yard and automatically dispenses the precise quantity of friction modifier to the top of the rail to ensure consistent car rollability.

No other product offers greater precision in your railyard than YardGlide.

Loram offers three different sized YardGlide application systems that provide options to select whether a smaller footprint, a large capacity tank, or a combination of those two is the most important feature.

54-Gallon (204L) Capacity
Not considered bulk lubricant storage

100-Gallon (379L) Capacity
Reduced right of way footprint

200-Gallon (757L) Capacity
Large capacity requires less frequent refilling

YardGlide is an intelligent top of rail friction management system that offers:

  • Predictable rolling resistance for yard control systems
  • Compatibility with yard control interface systems
  • Field proven performance to reduce high lateral/vertical forces in hump yards
  • Powerful results with little to no mess
  • Minimized car speed loss
  • Reduced stalls and trim
  • Fewer load shift adjusts
  • Fewer rollouts
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