SlotMachine / SPS

Material Handling

Dig, place, or retrieve materials

With the SlotMachine® and the SPS Self-Powered Slot®, mobile work platforms, you can tackle a wide range of jobs faster and more efficiently than ever before. Quickly maneuver either machine into position and begin ditch cleaning at up to 250 tons per hour, offloading aggregate at up to 450 tons per hour, or handling any number of other materials with similar agility.

Both consist of a series of short gondolas without the end bulkheads. An onboard excavator is free to move the entire length of the joined cars (up to 378 feet) while seated safely and securely on the floor. Material gets loaded the full length of the platform, so there’s no lost time switching out cars. Plus, setup and lockdown take only minutes, allowing you to make the most of limited work windows.

The SPS includes a power unit that moves the consist. Once provided an EIC, the consist can operate without train crews or locomotives.

The versatility of both machines is ideally suited for streamlining your most common track maintenance jobs:

  • Heavy ditching
  • Tie pickup
  • Rail pickup
  • Tie distribution
  • Riprap placement
  • Receive spoils
  • Rail cutting attachment for scrap rail
  • Efficient brush cutting attachment
Length 246 – 430 ft (75 – 131 m)
Offloading Rate 450 tons/hr (408 tonnes/hr)
Tie Pickup Rate
Tie Placement Rate
Ditching Rate 250 tons/hr (227 tonnes/hr)
Total Mass Carrying Capacity Up to 550 tons (500 tonnes)