Rail Milling

Zero-emission rail milling technology.

The LM-1 Hybrid rail miller, a zero-emission milling machine, is the first of its kind in the global rail market. Loram’s first eco-friendly machine offers huge benefits to railways using milling technology for corrective maintenance in areas that are highly sensitive to dust and fire. The milling technology makes it possible to remove up to 1 mm in a single pass. The miller processing is ‘dry’, meaning no cooling water or fluid is needed while operating.

The LM-1 Hybrid is powered by Hybrid Power Source (fuel cell + battery) using gaseous hydrogen for fuel, making it less flammable in the atmosphere than common fuel, such as diesel. Water vapor is the only bi-product of the power system. The LM-1 Hybrid’s hydrogen gas is stored in exceptionally solid tanks that consist of a plastic core which is wrapped with carbon fibers. This allows hydrogen to be stored under high operational pressure for years of use. A 60-kWh battery system is mounted on the roof of the machine as another optional power source.

The LM-1 offers advanced technologies and features including:

  • Hybrid Power Source (Fuel Cell + Battery)
  • No emissions
  • Suctions more than 99.5% of milling chips
  • Mills switches and turnouts
  • Flexible transport options
  • Low noise emissions during processing
  • No cooling agents needed
  • Variable gauge 39 – 65.7 in. (1,000 – 1,668 mm)
  • Material removal of 0.3 to 1 mm in one working pass
  • Includes transverse and longitudinal profile measurement
LM-1 Rail Miller
Length 42.7 ft (13.0 m)
Width 7.25 ft (2.21 m)
Height 10.2 ft (3.1 m)
Maximum Axle Weight 11 ton (10 tonne)
Working Units (each side) One milling unit: electric / One grinding unit: electric
Working Speed 1160 – 1955 ft/hr (360 – 600 m/h)
Travel Speed Self-propelled up to 30 mph (50 km/h)
Gradeability Up to 4%
Minimum Curve Radius 115 ft (35 m)
Main Engine Fuel cell plant 200 hp (150 KW); battery system 80 hp/h (60 KWH)
Fuel Capacity 39 kg at 350 bar
Track Gauge 39.4 – 65.7 in. (1,000 – 1,668 mm)
Chip Container Volume 2.0 yd³ (1.5 m³)

Specifications subject to change

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