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Inspection & Quality Management Solutions

Loram has expanded its offering and resources with the addition of Loram Technologies to offer industry-leading Track Inspection and Quality Management solutions. Loram’s comprehensive track inspection and quality assurance offerings include cutting-edge Aurora® imaging technology, unparalleled rail and track management services and extensive program support solutions designed to help railroads operate at maximum efficiency and productivity. From uncovering track flaws and ballast deficiencies with advanced inspection technologies and capabilities to planning and project management software solutions, Loram delivers optimal performance to your operations.

LORAM RAIL Inspection Services


The Loram Rail Inspection Vehicle (RIV) offers an efficient and cost-effective data collection technology solution for accurate rail profiling and grind planning.

Grind Planning / GIS

Loram grind planning with integrated GIS software helps maximize grind throughput and safety, while minimizing time-on-track disruptions.

Rail Pro

Loram’s proprietary Rail Pro® system is an integrated suite of cutting-edge software tools designed specifically for comprehensive rail grinding management.

Nobody Knows the Rail Better

Loram is leading the digital transformation of railway maintenance through our advanced portfolio of inspection technologies, real-time monitoring and optimization solutions for data-driven efficiency. Call +1 (512) 869-1542 or contact our technical sales team.