Ballast Maintenance

Ditch Cleaning

Essential for the longevity and foundational strength of a railway, proper ditch maintenance increases the stability of ballast and subgrade by moving water away from the track and right of way. Delivering substantial benefits and ROI, ditch cleaning increases cycle time between expensive surfacing and lining programs, prevents premature tie deterioration and ensures a long-lasting and stable track structure.

Loram’s drainage maintenance solutions, including shoulder ballast cleaning, undercutting and ditch cleaning, work in concert to ensure that damaging water is intercepted and diverted from the track infrastructure.

Ditching benefits and features

Cleaned, maintained and properly-sloped ditches provide a host of benefits including:

  • Facilitates vital drainage from the ballast section of the track
  • Manages the effects of penetrating water sources
  • Ensures the efficacy of track level drainage maintenance
  • Reduces or eliminates water-saturated track soils


Badger Ditcher

The Badger Ditcher helps manage, remedy and prevent the damaging effects from a host of penetrating water sources, including direct precipitation, groundwater migration, springs and trapped water, saturation and seepage.

Loram Contract Services

Experience and comprehensive solutions. The Loram difference.

The experience, equipment and service solutions provided by Loram can help mitigate damaging and often unseen moisture challenges ensuring optimal drainage performance and protecting your track structure. Our nimble and powerful Badger Ditcher delivers high productivity and accessibility to mitigate the most urgent drainage requirements, and our ditching services create operational savings with a customized maintenance strategy. Loram’s experienced personnel can accompany your track manager on field inspections to develop a practical, custom-made drainage program for your property.

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