Rail Milling

Rail Grinding

Emission-free rail milling technology

Rail fatigue and wear are common problems faced by heavy haul, commuter, and transit railroads. Loram’s newest solution to this issue is rail milling, which is a heavy correction tool that can restore the lateral and longitudinal profile of the rail while removing all surface defects. Loram’s milling machine is capable of removing up to 1 mm in a single working pass. This helps extend the surface life of the rail, significantly reducing costs and carbon footprint and improving safety on railways. Because milling is a rotary cutting process, only milling chips are produced and very few sparks and dust are generated by the polishing process which makes this the best option for areas that are highly sensitive to dust and fire.

Rail milling benefits and features

For spot treatment during tight working windows, Loram’s rail milling solution is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to extend the life of rail, crossings, and switches.

The benefits of rail milling include:

  • Restore rail head profile
  • Removed material is 100% recyclable
  • Negilable dust pollution
  • No extinguishing equipment needed
  • Material removal of 0.3 to 1.0mm in one working pass
  • All finishing sparks are contained

Loram’s rail milling solutions offer:

  • Hydrogen powered machines (zero emissions, water is the bi-product of fuel cell)
  • Suitable for all rails including small clearance gauges
  • Restoration of lateral and longitudinal profile within the strictest tolerances
  • Completely removes all surface defects in just one pass.



The smallest rail milling machine in the world with the first zero-emission technology in the global rail market.

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