Leading the digital transformation of railway maintenance

With decades of maintenance of way expertise and experience, no one knows the rail like Loram. Today, we’re leveraging our accumulated data, analytics and maintenance algorithms with advanced inspection technologies to provide you actionable intelligence with real-time monitoring and the most precise application of maintenance of way activities. In this new era of digital insight, interval-based maintenance is a thing of the past. Loram delivers on the promise of truly targeted, agile and data-driven solutions, offering unsurpassed efficiency, predictability and return on your maintenance investment.

Track Maintenance

Since 1954, Loram has provided the most advanced, most productive and most innovative railroad maintenance services and equipment with exceptionally high standards of quality and performance.

Inspection Technologies

Loram is leading the digital transformation of railway maintenance with a portfolio of state-of-the-art inspection technologies, geotechnical services and friction management solutions.

Track Maintenance  |  CORE SERVICES

As a global leader in rail grinding for over 60 years, Loram’s expansive production, specialty and transit rail grinding portfolio and highly-trained crews deliver best-in-class services and equipment with unmatched performance and safety standards.

Corrective and proactive ballast and roadbed drainage maintenance services from Loram resolve a host of common and cascading challenges that threaten track infrastructure, providing benefits and sustainable impacts that ensure a firm foundation across the railroad system.

Loram’s solutions utilize powerful automation and handling technologies, high capacities and intelligent designs to provide a safer, more cost-effective way to handle railroad materials while drastically improving productivity and reducing operating and labor costs.

Providing industry-leading levels of expertise, Loram specialists are available to assist your team with program management, equipment performance, equipment operations and advanced technology services to maximise your equipment and operations.


Inspection & Infrastructure  |  CORE SERVICES

Loram's' track inspection solutions find track flaws and ballast deficiencies that traditional inspection methods might miss, making it easy to streamline your capital maintenance programs, stay compliant with industry regulations and keep your tracks running smoothly.

Ballast handling solutions from Loram consist of advanced equipment and services designed to enhance the efficiency, quality and reliability of your ballast program to provide superior results and minimise the impact on your track time.

Geotechnical Services provide a diagnostic profile track health and identifies trends for proactive substructure maintenance program planning by seamlessly combining expertise in track roadbed materials, maintenance techniques, advanced inspection technologies and data analytics.

With an unparalleled product portfolio, Loram leads the way in friction management application systems supported by comprehensive capabilities in engineering, remote monitoring, data analysis, consulting, service and maintenance.

Monitoring solutions from Loram delivers insight into the health and status of rail infrastructure including bridges and tunnels, and Engineering Services offer the data and insights you need to ensure your track will meet the challenge.

Loram Contract Services

Loram has built a decades-long partnership with the rail industry offering the most innovative portfolio of equipment crewed by our expertly-trained operators and technicians. Our contracted services capabilities assure our customers of superior maintenance, unsurpassed productivity and maximum rail availability.

Loram Worldwide

Loram operates around the world from 7 regionally located offices in the United States (2), Brazil, the United Kingdom, Finland, Australia and India.

Loram Core Values

Since 1954, our family-owned company has put our Core Values into everything we do and every decision we make. This ensures the safety of our workers, the purpose of our mission and a never-ending commitment to putting our customers first.

Careers at Loram

Loram has job opportunities ranging from field work to corporate positions, from engineering and equipment maintenance to general labor. Join our team!