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HydraDump® is an easy-to-install system that converts your existing side dump cars from pneumatic to hydraulic operation. This makes your cars more dependable to use, more predictable to operate and far less costly to maintain.

With traditional pneumatic systems, offloads often complete with a rapid and uncontrolled launch at the top of the cycle. Hydraulic systems like HydraDump avoid this and deliver a smooth, consistent and safe motion throughout an entire offload.

  • Remote control operation of up to 100 metres
  • Reliable 2-stage hydraulic
  • Low lifetime maintenance costs
  • Rated for cold weather operation
  • Safe operation greatly improved
  • Can be engineered to fit different cars
  • Auxiliary air is supplied from the locomotive separate from the brake air source
  • Tamper resistant solar panels, electronics box, and battery box on each car
  • The Amplifier Frame Assembly includes amplifier, air valves, manifold assembly, amplifier pilot valves, and a reservoir tank
LTI HydraDump Brochure

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