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Today’s maintenance equipment is both highly capable and highly complex. In many cases, improper or ineffective use of the complex equipment provided by Loram can cause situations just as worrisome as those found on the rail prior to the investment. To avoid causing damage and maximise the return on your investment, Loram recommends the use of our experts to reinforce your operating staff.

Program management specialists can provide program-level recommendations for the use of your equipment. Our specialists can assist you in determining the work cycles for your equipment, how the equipment can best interact with other maintenance activities, and what the goal of the maintenance activity should be.

Equipment performance specialists can provide guidance on how to configure your equipment for the most effective and economic use and measure the output against identified specifications.

Equipment operations specialists can provide advanced training on the correct use and maintenance of your machine and guidance to machine-level leadership figures. Our experienced staff can assist customer personnel with both day-to-day operations requirements or help plan periodic events, like overhauls.

Advanced technology specialists are available 7 days a week to provide immediate troubleshooting and solutions to emergent problems. The technology used in modern equipment frequently cannot be supported solely by a machine crew; access to Loram’s technicians eliminates the need for hiring and maintaining local personnel to address unusual or uncommon situations.

Loram Certified Parts and Stones

All parts are not the same. In an environment where success is judged by the ability to get out on the rails reliably, little things make a big difference. Taking advantage of decades of field experience, our staff has identified which parts are best suited to the difficult rail environment. To ensure that your equipment is always ready to go, Loram recommends the use of only Loram-certified parts and stones on your equipment.

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Reliable Service and Support

With dozens of machines delivered, Loram brings its “partnership” approach to working with all of its customers. From heavy haul freight or transit-rail system, Loram has the rail maintenance equipment and support services for you.

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As a global leader in maintenance of way for over 60 years, Loram’s expansive equipment portfolio and highly-trained crews deliver best-in-class services with unmatched performance and safety standards. Call +61 1800 059 955 or contact our technical sales team.