Shoulder Ballast Cleaning

Ballast Maintenance

Shoulder Ballast Cleaning

Loram offers the industry’s most advanced and productive shoulder ballast cleaning services, equipment and technologies, resulting in increased efficiencies and reduced costs. A Loram shoulder ballast cleaning program ensures a healthy, robust railroad infrastructure maintained to deliver maximum ROI.

Shoulder ballast cleaning consists of removing ballast at the end of the ties, screening the ballast and discarding fines and fouling material and restoring the good ballast to the shoulder. Integrated scarifiers break open end of sleeper mud pockets, removes fines, and restores ballast voids in the shoulders and under the sleeper ends and release damaging trapped water. By consistently excavating at levels up to 200 millimeters below the sleeper and restoring the ballast shoulder structure, obstructing fines in the crib are able to migrate and drain freely to the shoulder with dramatically improved seepage time.

Shoulder Ballast Cleaning benefits and features

A regular discipline of shoulder ballast cleaning with Loram prolongs ballast life, reducing the frequency and cost of re-ballasting.

The benefits of shoulder ballast cleaning include:

  • Improved drainage that extends surfacing and undercutting cycles and reduces tamping needs up to 200%
  • Enhanced lateral resiliency and stiffness of track between 10-30%
  • Improved track quality index by 35%
  • Better track geometry under the freeze/thaw cycle
  • Inhibited vegetation growth, reducing the need for herbicide applications
  • Typically, no train speed restrictions following completed work

LORAM Shoulder Ballast Cleaning Portfolio


Loram’s High Performance (HP) Shoulder Ballast Cleaner is the industry’s proven performer for heavy haul, freight and commuter railroads.


Equipped with four digging wheels and two separator screens, the SBC2400 is designed to handle and clean double the amount of material of Loram’s class-leading HP SBC.

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