Accelerometers & Tiltmeters

Products & Specifications

Continuously monitor static and dynamic displacement forces

SENSR® brand Accelerometers and Tiltmeters from Loram provide continuous insight into the structural condition of bridges and rail infrastructure by recording multi-axis static and dynamic displacements with the highest levels of accuracy and resolution.

GP1 (Programmable accelerometer, battery powered)

  • The original programmable accelerometer
  • MEMS accelerometers and temperature sensing elements
  • Original device measurement range was +/- 10 g
  • The -L variation measurement range is +/- 6 g
  • Key feature that makes this device unique is that the recording strategy is programmable so that only two AA cells and a reasonable amount of non-volatile memory can record for as long as several weeks.
  • TI MSP430, traditional microcontroller firmware

GP2 Accelerometer

CX1(PC connected, network accelerometer)

  • SENSR’s network-connected accelerometer
  • Customer feedback desiring longer cables and multiple sensors indicated that adding an Ethernet interface would greatly increase the usability of the accelerometers 48 V Power-over-Ethernet to comply with standards
  • Customer feedback also suggested that high-resolution acceleration and tilt measurements were useful, so the CX1 used +/- 1.5 g accelerometers and incorporated separate X and Y inclinometer sensors
  • Attempt to optimise protection against environmental hazards (moisture, including submersion, continental hot and cold temperatures, lightning voltage transients) without incurring much cost
  • Streams measurement data back to a host system communicating through the CX -APIAtmel AVR A0/A1 (AT32UC3A0512) with traditional microcontroller firmware on processor board, TI MSP430 with traditional microcontroller firmware on sensor board
Blue CX1 Network Accelerometer and Inclinometer

SR1 (Network accelerometer)

  • Second-generation version of the CX1
  • Purpose built for structure monitoring, only Ethernet interface (no USB)
  • O-ring sealing for prolonged submersion
  • 12 V passive Power-over-Ethernet to help resist voltage transients
  • Onboard computer has enough resources to process the data from the sensors rather than just passing it to a host system
  • SENSR CPU module (Atmel SAMA5D2) with Linux OS and software built using Yocto, also -Microchip ARM Cortex M0+ with traditional firmware on sensor board
SR1 Accelerometer & Tiltmeter