Bridge Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring

Bridge Monitoring

Bridges are a critical part of infrastructure failure to which cost millions of dollars in repair, and adversely affect the local economy of the area. Bridges should be monitored continuously to avoid costly maintenance and repair. We offer following bridge monitoring services:

Superstructure Health Monitoring

  • Fire
  • Natural events such as hurricanes, floods
  • Accidents
  • Deterioration
  • Corrosion
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Traffic conditions
  • Bearing conditions
  • Structural Damage

Substructure Health Monitoring

  • Scour
  • Earthquake and its effects on substructure
  • Sinkhole formation
  • Down drag (settlement)
  • Vibration due to nearby construction activities
  • Impacts and strikes
  • Column and Pier Tilt
  • Temperature monitoring