Material Handling

One operator. One hour. 1815 tonnes.

DumpTrain® streamlines aggregate delivery so you can get in, get to work, and get back to freight or passenger operations in no time.

Using a single DumpTrain, one machine operator can unload aggregate at a rate of up to 1815 tonnes per hour – and do it with pinpoint accuracy up to 15 meters from the center line of the track. Material from each car is unloaded onto a single conveyor belt that runs the entire length of the train allowing for continuous delivery. That dramatic boost in productivity, efficiency and accuracy makes light work of even the heaviest delivery jobs and frees up your crews to tackle more important tasks.

Our next-generation DumpTrain for Curves® adds even more capabilities. Each car is equipped with its own belt and drive system, allowing for material to be delivered to the adjacent car all the way to the stacker. The result is a DumpTrain that can distribute material evenly in curves. It also provides railroads with the flexibility to create custom sized DumpTrains to suit the specific needs of individual projects.

The versatility of DumpTrain and DumpTrain for Curves lends itself to a wide range of applications. Put it to work for your railroad to expedite formerly labor-intensive tasks:

  • Placing walkway ballast
  • Washout repair
  • Roadbed construction
  • Bridge material placement
  • Replacing crossing material
  • Stockpiling materials
Length 221 – 311 m
Cast Distance from Track Centerline 16 m
Offload Rate Up to 1,815 tonnes/hr
Max Curve for Offload 18°
Total Carrying Capacity
LMOW DumpTrain Brochure