The productive, single solution for lifting and undercutting

The Loram Track Lifter Undercutter (TLU) offers industry-leading waste-only undercutting. The Loram TLU is built upon the same platform as the Loram Track Lifter and UC1200, and it can perform simple track lifting waste-only undercutting.

Along with greater speed, the Loram TLU offers a more productive and cost-effective solution compared to conventional undercutting services. The Loram TLU requires only a tamper and regulator, which vastly reduces the typical amount of support equipment required for waste-only undercutting. Unlike chain undercutters, the TLU does not need an excavator to remove sleepers or ballast in order to cut in. Loram’s patented, twin rotary undercutting wheels allow the TLU to quickly cut in and cut out. This feature is beneficial while performing any type of undercutting, but is extremely productive while undercutting multiple mud spots in a day.

While performing standard waste-only undercutting with the TLU, the TLU raises the track and an undercutting wheel on each side of the track excavates the material on the shoulders and below the crib. The undercut material is then transported via pick-up conveyors on each side of the machine to the waste conveyor that can place the waste up to 10 meters from track center or into a material handling car or dump car.

Loram TLU features and benefits include:

  • Rapid 5–15 minute set-up or stow time (based on conditions)
  • Automated, self-supported cut-in and out without the need for auxiliary equipment
  • Typical undercutting depth of 200–250 mm per pass from the bottom of the tie
  • Maximum undercutting depth of 400 mm from the bottom of the sleeper
  • Capable of operating in 16° curves
  • Track alignment tolerances +/- 50 mm
  • Capable of operating on jointed rail and continuous welded rails
Length 27 m
Width 3 m
Height 4 m
Total Weight 86 tonnes
Propulsion – Self-propelled (4 axles)
– Self-propelled travel speeds up to 95 km/h
– Two powered bogies under the power unit
Engine – Hydraulic: QST 30 (4 axle drive)
– Electrical: Kubota 30 kW
Brakes – AAR 400 & 401 Compliant
– Parking brake capable of being actuated from ground
Fuel Storage 4920 L
Speed 1 – 6 km/h

Subject to change

TLU 0614

Spec Sheet