Products & Specifications

Connect IoT devices and sensors for wireless monitoring and communication

SENSR® brand Gateways from Loram let you establish a wireless sensor network for monitoring, recordings and communicating data from remote locations.

SGC1 (Network gateway for hosting SR1, SIM1 sensors)

  • SGC1 hosts SR1 and SIM1 devices, providing both power and a gateway to the Internet
  • MPPT and charge control circuitry used to manage solar panel output and battery level
  • Six ports for sensors and an auxiliary port for potential expansion
  • SENSR CPU module (Atmel SAMA5D2) with Linux OS and software built using Yocto, also ON
  • Semi image processor on sensor board
SGC1 Gateway

SNX-P4 (Network extender/expander for CX1 sensors)

  • The SNA1 has four PoE Ethernet ports and can only directly connect to four CX1 sensors, but the SNX-P4 can be used to expand one port into four ports
  • Key feature is that the SNX-P4 is an Ethernet switch that is both powered by PoE, but also powers downstream PoE devices

SNA1 (Appliance for hosting CX1 sensors)

  • The SNA1 allows SENSR to provide a purpose-built computer for hosting CX1 sensors
  • Incorporates power management for supplying Power-over-Ethernet power to CX1 sensors
  • Provides a single-point-of-contact for CX1 data
  • Records CX1 raw data, but also can filter and down-sample data as configured by user
  • Also summarises CX1 data over one-minute intervals, to provide usable data without excessive transmission
  • Calculates peak-particle-velocity metric from acceleration data
  • ADI VersaLogic Falcon/Osprey single-board-computer with Linux OS and software built using Yocto, also has a control board with TI MSP430 with traditional firmware
    (support only)

SNOE20 (Outdoor enclosure for SNA1)

  • The majority of SNA1 appliances are in use outdoor environments and connected to the Internet through a cellular gateway
  • This enclosure incorporates more lightning suppression, the power supply for the SNA1, and the cellular gateway into a weatherproof enclosure
    (support only)