Ballast Maintenance


Maintenance of the ballast layer directly below the sleepers is an essential part of a healthy track structure. Ballast degrades over time and becomes increasingly fouled reducing its ability to drain, provide adequate load bearing support and withstand vertical, lateral and longitudinal forces. Undercutting is needed to restore the desired ballast properties after becoming fouled. Undercutting is the continuous excavation of the material beneath the sleepers. The material excavated can either be fully wasted or screened and returned to the track with only the fines being discarded.

Loram offers two automated undercutter platform solutions delivering industry-leading productivity, reestablishing a more permeable ballast and a stronger structure. Loram’s UC1200 is an undercutter cleaner that allows the larger, cleaned ballast to be reclaimed. Loram’s Track Lifter Undercutter (TLU) is a waste-only undercutter. Both types of undercutters utilise patented, state-of-the-art undercutting digging wheels that provide self-supporting cut-in capabilities. The UC1200 and TLU are operational in a fraction of the time of competitive machines and require no additional support equipment or excavators that complicate operations and add costs.

Advantages of Loram’s Undercutting Portfolio

Other advantages of Loram’s undercutting portfolio includes:

  • Most powerful, proven, self-contained and transportable undercutting solutions
  • Highest speeds and operating capacities in their class
  • Vastly superior to chain excavators
  • Advanced safety features
  • Displaces waste farther from track with greater versatility
  • Highest productivity undercutting solutions in the industry



Loram’s UC1200 undercutter cleaner is the industry’s most advanced, most productive and highest-capacity, self-contained system for any undercutting program, featuring innovative, twin rotary undercutting technology and dual material discharge for handling and cleaning.

Track Lifter Undercutter (TLU)

The Loram TLU offers industry-leading waste-only undercutting. The Loram TLU is built upon the same platform as the Loram Track Lifter and UC1200, and it can perform simple track lifting waste-only undercutting.

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