Friction Management

Inspection & Optimisation

Extend the Life of Your Assets

Wheel/Rail interaction problems pose one of the biggest threats to the life and performance of your rail and rolling assets. As a pioneer in maintenance of way solutions, services and equipment, Loram provides wheel and rail interaction expertise.

Loram Friction Management

| Inspection & Optimisation Portfolio

Application Systems

Loram’s wayside application systems offer best-in-class innovation and performance.

Friction Modifiers & Curve Lubricants

We’re experts in installation, unit services, and remote monitoring. We’re also here to help consult on your next rail project.

Friction Management Services

Our friction modifiers and gauge face grease are able to deliver impressive benefits to your rail line.

Return on Investment

Loram delivers value and ROI with friction management products that:

  • Optimise wheel/rail interaction
  • Develop longer wheel and rail life
  • Improve rail vehicle performance
  • Increase fuel savings
  • Reduce noise
  • Provide lasting protection

The Loram Difference

Innovative products and outstanding customer service

Loram challenges the status quo by utilising the latest technology to create new products and to improve existing processes, services and designs. Loram combines knowledgeable personnel, innovative equipment, intellectual property and proprietary technology to deliver industry-leading value to customers.

With an unparalleled product portfolio, Loram leads the way in developing friction management application systems supported by comprehensive capabilities in engineering, manufacturing, installation, remote monitoring, data analysis, consulting, servicing, maintaining and warehousing. Loram is the answer for all of your friction management needs.

Nobody Knows the Rail Better

Loram is leading the digital transformation of railway maintenance through our advanced portfolio of inspection technologies, real-time monitoring and optimisation solutions for data-driven efficiency. Call +61 1800 059 955 or contact our technical sales team.