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Loram Technologies

Inspection & Optimization Technologies

    We find track flaws before they shut you down.

    Loram Technologies is there when tracks wash out, when ties begin to break down, and when ballast needs to be replaced. We collaborate with customers to develop innovative solutions that solve their toughest rail maintenance challenges. We pinpoint where ballast is needed and automate its delivery, monitor your bridges remotely, and empower you to work more efficiently.
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    Loram Technologies

    | Inspection and Infrastructure Solutions

    Inspection Services

    Loram Technologies track inspection solutions put cutting-edge technology to use to find track flaws and ballast deficiencies that traditional inspection methods might miss.

    Ballast Technologies

    Our ballast handling technologies help mitigate ballast challenges faster with pinpoint accuracy and industry-leading productivity to minimize impact on your track time.

    Friction Management

    Loram Technologies leads the way in friction management solutions including Top of Rail and Gauge Face systems, advanced modifers, plus engineering and installation services.

    Monitoring & Engineering

    Our sensing technologies help you manage the status of your infrastructure remotely and our comprehensive engineering services provide the analysis and data you need.

    Nobody Knows the Rail Better

    Loram is leading the digital transformation of railway maintenance through our advanced portfolio of inspection technologies, real-time monitoring and optimization solutions for data-driven efficiency. Call +1 (512) 869-1542 or contact our technical sales team.