Raptor Rail Train

Material Handling

A better, faster and safer way to handle long rail

Since the introduction of continuously-welded rail, delivering rail from the welding plant to the worksite and picking up used rail from trackside, has proven to be a manual labor intensive and unsafe process.

Loram’s Raptor rail train is a long rail pick-up, handling and delivery system that manages cradle-to-grave rail logistics. The Raptor consists of twin, independent rail loading machines with telescoping booms and a 3-car work unit with rail joining workstations, coupled with high-capacity rail transport trains.

The Raptor Rail Handling System improves safety by reducing manual handling of rail and keeping people out of harm’s way. The twin-independent rail-loading machine booms eliminate the need for a ground crew as well as the need to guide the rail through the transport train during loading. The Raptor also has an ergonomically designed cutting and joining station that locks the rail in place when human interaction is required and provides superior access to power tools and supplies, which greatly improves efficiency and safety over traditional methods of doing it track side.

Loram Raptor features and capabilities include:

  • Vast reductions in manual labor that can be redirected to other tasks
  • Significant reductions of safety risks associated with rail handling
  • Each rail loading machine is equipped with 20,000 pounds (9,000 kg) of tractive effort to pull many rail lengths onto the train without assistance
  • Ability to grasp and load any rail segment located within 12 feet (3.7 m) of the track centerline and 4 feet (1.2 m) below top of rail
  • Separate rail loading machines allow the system to load right and left rails independently, delivering a significant productivity advantage over other competitive loading equipment
  • Raptor-based rail replacement and logistics programs fully-staffed and managed by Loram reduces capital equipment investment and ensure high efficiency
Gantries – Twin independent gantries
– Tractive effort of 20,000 lbs.
– Telescoping boom can grasp rail 12′ from centerline of track and 4′ below top of rail
– Fully enclosed, climate controlled operator cab with ergonomic operator controls
– Height adjustable rear cab for tie down operator
Work Unit – 3 car work unit, plus power cars
– Superintendent control station
– Adjustable, boom-mounted rotator boxes
– Safe and secure cutting and joining workstations for each rail
– Places of safety for cutting/joining operators
– Integrated power cars equipped with slow-speed remote control
Rail Trains – Modular 3-post design for strength and durability
– 50 rails per train – 5 rows of 10 pockets configurations (other configurations of up to 50 rails possible)
– Holds 1,560 feet of rail per pocket (other lengths possible)
– Design fully configurable to meet customer needs
– AAR compliant
General – Rail train, work unit and gantries conform to C Plate at all times – with the exception of the gantry boom while picking up rail from trackside
– Equipped to plow a trench in ballast shoulder for stable rail placement during unloading
– Capable of traveling at speeds up to 60 mph and in curves up to 16 degrees
– Constists of 27 transport cars that store 1,560 feet of rail per pocket (other lengths possible)

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