The industry workhorse in shoulder ballast maintenance

Loram’s High Performance (HP) Shoulder Ballast Cleaner is the industry’s proven performer for heavy haul, freight and commuter railroads. The Loram HP Series leads the industry with superior value – measured as the best combination of production speed, depth of cut and quality of cleaning.

Loram’s HP Series machines are self-propelled, equipped with twin 760 millimeter wide, high-capacity digging buckets to clean ballast from the sleeper ends outward to the edge of the ballast section, digging as deep as 860 millimeters from the top of the sleeper.

Vibrating separator screens on the Loram HP SBC clean and restore fouled ballast by removing dirt, mud, and fines more effectively than any other machine in its class. With Loram’s exclusive elliptical throw agitation and variable screen leveling, the separator screens on the HP Series provide distinct cleaning advantages over any other machine on the market. In wet conditions that are frequently encountered, the screen angle can be adjusted lower for greater cleaning action. In common ballast conditions, the screen angle can be adjusted higher, delivering increased cleaning speeds.

The Loram HP Shoulder Ballast Cleaner offers:

  • Typical production of 1,200 cubic meters of ballast per hour
  • Speeds up to 3.2 km/h at typical digging depths of 200 mm below the bottom of the sleeper
  • Integrated scarifier teeth that simultaneously undercut the sleeper ends up to 130 mm, breaking up mud pockets and restoring drainage
  • An effective ballast cleaning area reaching up to 860 mm beyond the end of the sleeper
  • Adjustable screen leveling from 9–19° with elliptical throw agitation provides optimal cleaning in any ballast conditions
  • Repositioning of reclaimed ballast on either or both shoulders to the railroad specified shoulder shape
  • Discharge of separated fines up to 8.8 m from track centerline
  • Automated brooming of ballast off the sleeper ends
  • 5-minutes to set-up or stow
  • Travel speeds up to 77 km/h
Length1 41.5 m
Width1 3.3 m
Height1 – Working: 5.6 m
– Traveling: 4.7 m
Weight1 182,700 kg
Working Speed Up to 3.2 km/h at 200 mm cutting depth from bottom of sleeper
Production Rate2 1,200 m³/hr
Maximum Digging Depth 860 mm from top of rail
Digging Width 760 mm from end of sleeper
Scarifier Penetration 130 mm from end of sleeper
Waste Discharge Up to 8.8 m from either side of track center or into an auxiliary car
Travel Speed – Self-powered: Up to 77 km/h
– In train consist: Up to 100 km/h
Gradeability Up to 4%
Minimum Work Radius 17.5° curve (100 m radius)
Minimum Travel Radius 17.5° curve (100 m radius)

1 Excluding Auxiliary Cars
2 Typical; subject to application and material conditions
Specifications subject to change

Spec Sheet