Monitoring & Engineering


Why Loram Monitoring and Engineering Solutions?

Loram provides state of the art structural monitoring solutions to the infrastructure owners for the last 17 plus years. Loram is known for its advanced, reliable, and most accurate solutions in the field of structural monitoring.

Our products are tested and calibrated for quality assurance and reliability in the field of structural monitoring.

Loram Monitoring and Engineering

| Inspection & Optimisation Portfolio

Infrastructure Monitoring

Powerful monitoring and detection technologies help ensure the safety and integrity of vital rail tunnel and bridge infrastructures.

Engineering Services

With decades of accumulated data, experience and understanding, we offer unparalleled analysis, insights and advice.

Products & Specifications

Loram’s range of SENSR® brand sensors, monitors and cameras provide remote surveillance of your most critical rail assets.

Nobody Knows the Rail Better

Loram is leading the digital transformation of railway maintenance through our advanced portfolio of inspection technologies, real-time monitoring and optimisation solutions for data-driven efficiency. Call +91-95600 95715 or contact our technical sales team.