Aurora Tie Marking


Aurora Tie Marking

Leveraging the patented Aurora Xi® inspection data and a patent pending guidance system, Aurora Tie Marking automates the process of marking crossties that have been designated for replacement in advance of crosstie renewal projects. The guidance technology, using the Aurora collection software, works in near-real time to identify the appropriate sleeper and activates the marking system as it passes directly over the sleeper.

Safe Sleeper Marking

This hyrail-truck based platform is equipped with a paint spraying system mounted at the rear of the truck. Aurora Tie Marking is capable of marking sleepers at speeds up to 6 kilometres per hour and can paint up to four marks per sleeper, which allows for jobs to be completed faster, more efficiently and safely.

  • Automated navigation system that uses Aurora 3D scans to identify which sleepers need to be marked (patent pending)
  • Speed – Sleeper marking is performed from a hyrail truck rather than a person walking track
  • Speed – Sleeper marking is performed at up to 6 kilometres per hour, maximising track window efficiency
  • Automated sleeper marking ensures that the railroad’s sleeper marking place in executed as expected
  • Paint marks are visible so that the lead machine in a sleeper replacement team can easily identify which sleepers are marked for replacement
  • Uses four paint sprayer with multiple color and configuration options to fit each railroad’s marking need
  • Digital receipt of the sleeper marking is collected for audit purposes