Solaris® improves the productivity and safety of your existing ballast cars by converting their gates to remote operation. The conversion uses a reliable and rugged 24-volt electric hydraulic pump and hydraulic cylinders to produce the force needed to open and close the gates. Solar panels recharge the system when not in operation, creating a low-maintenance solution with no need for auxiliary airlines. Solaris converted ballast cars can be unloaded by either operating joysticks on the sides of the cars or by using a handheld radio remote control that has a range of up to 90 meters.

Solaris is particularly beneficial when combined with GateSync® technology to automate ballast delivery. If you currently have cars that are manually operated, Solaris provides a quick and easy upgrade to make them GateSync compatible.

  • Joysticks can be located in toolbox or can use remote control up to 100 meters away from closest car
  • Able to have multiple operators, two operators per car
  • Joystick and remote operation delivers ballast at walking speed, about 2.4 km/h
  • No survey needed – ballast material is unloaded by trained eye

Ballast Plow

Loram’s Ballast Plow eliminates extra time and machinery during ballast delivery. The higher grade steel used for plow face to ensure long wear life and 100 degree V shape encourages ballast flow away from the center instead of going over the plow. The linkage and hydraulic design ensures positive contact between plow and rail, even with excessive elevation changes in the rail or car lean. The plow uses a “no maintenance required” hard chrome plated ball joints and a float mode that allows the plow to ride over obstacles with no “hold down pressure”. It automatically engages the locking system with redundant spring engagement.

Loram’s plow is a one man operation and can be operated from either side of the car with simple three button controls automatically ensures that only one plow is pressed to the rail. The skid plated design does not damage the rails and is designed to be easily integrated with the existing Solaris power unit. It is a lightweight system at only 907 kilograms and only requires 48 bar to operate. The plow can be safely stowed for transit and has optimal space to safely store using a pair of train jacks, in case of a dead hydraulic system.

  • Two tamper resistant solar panel per car
  • 24-volt electric hydraulic pump with standard ATF Fluid
  • Valve panel assembly on each car with 16 ports to accommodate all eight double acting cylinders
  • Hydraulic cylinders are rated for 207 bar, operate around 138 bar, and the eight cylinders per kit accommodate all eight gates.
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