Inspection Services



Loram Technologies’ goal is to keep your friction management units running efficiently. Even if we are not your maintenance or bulk fill provider, Loram Technologies provides onsite inspection services to your friction management equipment regardless of the manufacturer or type of friction management system.

We utilize our proprietary custom app to provide feedback, photos, and other information. After the inspection, the app provides information instantaneously to help identify the urgency of the inspection results.


Loram Inspection Services

| Inspection & Optimization Portfolio

Rail Inspection

Loram Technologies track inspection solutions put cutting-edge technology to use to find track flaws and ballast deficiencies that traditional inspection methods might miss.

Tie Inspection and Services

With its powerful backscatter x-ray technology, Aurora® is acknowledged as the premier hyrail tie inspection and marking solution in the industry.

Geotechnical Services

Loram HyGround Geotechnical Services diagnose and solve problems that affect the condition and performance of railway tracks by seamlessly combining expertise in track roadbed materials, maintenance techniques and data analytics –resulting in an advanced diagnostic profile of the health of your track today and identifying trends over time for proactive future substructure maintenance program planning.

Nobody Knows the Rail Better

Loram is leading the digital transformation of railway maintenance through our advanced portfolio of inspection technologies, real-time monitoring and optimization solutions for data-driven efficiency. Call +1 (512) 869-1542 or contact our technical sales team.