Specialty Excavating

Excavation power in the tightest spaces

The Loram TRV has the same excavating performance capabilities as the Loram LRV but in a two-car configuration, specifically designed for transit and commuter railroads with lighter axle loads and tighter clearance requirements.

The TRV is designed with unique, dual-rotating cabs that ensures total visibility of the worksite and safer operations. Capable of rotating 60 degrees in each direction, the cabs offer the ability to utilize one cab for the entire operation without compromising production and visibility. In areas of specialized work on one side of the track, the dual cab feature gives the operator an up-close view of the operation without the operator being on the ground.

The TRV offers unmatched flexibility to accommodate hard to reach track structures. The nozzle can tilt 45° from vertical in any direction to reach ballast under hard to reach track structures, such as third rail. The nozzle can also work at distances up to 15 feet from track centerline, maximizing the work area and has 5,000 pounds of force to break up tough material in a way that a rotating nozzle alone cannot.

TRV features:

  • Two-cab design built specifically for transit specialty excavation
  • Versatility for applications including switches, road crossings, bridges, wire pole footings, cable trenches, tunnels, and stations
  • Dual rotating cab design for greater operational effectiveness, visibility and safety
  • Typical results depend on application and material conditions
    • Loose, granular material—up to 50 yd³/hr (38 m³/hr)
    • Compacted, moderately fouled—up to 28 yd³/hr (22 m³/hr)
    • Severely fouled/cemented—up to 13 yd³/hr (10 m³/hr)
  • Large 45 yd³ (35 m³) material chamber capacity
TRV Specialty Excavator
Length 108’ (33 m) over strikers
Width 102” (2.6 m)
Height 130” (3.3 m) for normal operation; can be reduced to 118” ( 3.0 m) for travel
Weight 264,000 lb (132 tons / 120 tonne)
Horse Power 700 hp
Travel Speed 50 mph (80 kph)
Towing Speed 62 mph (100 kph)
Vacuum Air Flow 10,200 cfm (open flow), (290 m3/hr)
Vacuum Pressure @ 80% vacuum 0.8 BAR (11.6 psi)
Production Rate2 – Loose, granular material – 50 yd3/hr (38 m3/hr)
– Compacted, moderately fouled – 28 yd3/hr (22 m3/hr)
– Heavily cemented or clay filled – 13 yd3/hr (10 m3/hr)
Fuel Capacity 600 gallons (2270 L)
Noise Level of Power Unit at High Idle (Noise Levels While Excavating Vary Depending on Conditions) 80 dBA at 10 meters; while excavating: 87 dBA at 10 meters
Material Discharge Side discharge
Material Storing Capacity 45 yd3 (35 m3)

1 Excluding Auxiliary Cars
2 Typical; subject to application and material conditions
Specifications subject to change

TRV 0413