Tie Inspection & Services


Loram Technologies track inspection solutions put cutting-edge technology to use to find track flaws and ballast deficiencies that traditional inspection methods might miss. They make it easy to streamline your capital maintenance programs, stay compliant with industry regulations and keep your tracks running smoothly.

LORAM Tie & Inspection Services


Using state-of-the-art imaging technology, Aurora® scans your tracks to reveal the exact condition of every tie and the associated components along the way. It pinpoints any potential problems and marks their exact location so you can plan to repair them in the most efficient way possible.

Aurora Xi

Aurora Xi® builds on our patented Aurora® track inspection technology that’s been put to use to ensure the safety of miles upon miles of track around the world. While Aurora scans the surface of your track to reveal potential problems, Aurora X i uses backscatter x-ray technology to look inside wooden crossties to reveal everything from the depth of splits to hollow spots in ties.

Aurora Tie Marking

Leveraging the patented Aurora Xi® inspection data and a patent pending guidance system, Aurora Tie Marking automates the process of marking crossties that have been designated for replacement in advance of crosstie renewal projects.

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