More precision. Double the productivity.

The Loram RGI Series Rail Grinder features powerful electric 23 kW motors, delivering the same high levels of productivity found in the RG400 Series Rail Grinder, but in a reduced platform footprint designed for the clearances of most European commuter rail and freight lines.

While built for production rail grinding, including meeting EN13231 grind quality standards required for high speed rail, the RGI offers the precision and versatility needed to function as a specialty rail grinder. From the demands of corrective and specialty rail grinding to rail systems with fully developed preventative programs, the RGI Series delivers extraordinary versatility and precision. The RGI effectively restores the proper rail profile, eliminates corrugation and removes surface defects.

The RGI Series Rail Grinder offers:

  • High performance rail grinding in clearance, curve radius and weight restricted environments
  • Industry-leading electric 23 kW motors for the most efficient metal removal, optimises grind time and reduced costs
  • Machines can be quickly joined to expand overall machine size and performance footprint in certain configurations
  • Independent tilt and shift grind modules for complete grind pass coverage
  • Designed to meet UIC specifications, weights and clearances
  • A robust production rail grinding solution with the ability to perform specialty rail grinding.
  • Axle loads between 22.5 – 25 tonne
  • Flame-resistant hydraulic fluid
Length1 Configuration dependent
Width 3.1 m
Height 4.2 m
Maximum Axle Weight1 Up to 22.5 tonne
Grind Motors 16 to 96; 23 kw each
Grind Speed 3 – 20 km/h
Travel Speed Self-propelled up to 100 km/h
Gradeability Up to 3%
Minimum Grind Radius1 130 – 180 m radius
Minimum Travel Radius 100 m radius
Grind Angles 70° Gauge – 30° Field or 75° Gauge – 25° Field (100° range)
Generator Power Up to 2.7 Mw, 480 Vac/60 Hz, 3 ph
Fuel Capacity1 Up to 13,600 L
Water Capacity1 Configuration dependent
Track Gauge 1,000 – 1,600 mm

1 Excluding Auxiliary Cars
2 Typical; subject to application and material conditions
Specifications subject to change

RGI Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet