Specialty Excavating


Speciality Excavating

Throughout every railroad, there are specialty trackwork areas that are too restrictive for mechanised machines to perform the simplest of tasks such as ballast excavation. Maintaining areas such as tunnels, bridges, switches and passenger platforms are among the most expensive part of any railroad maintenance budget, yet commonly the most neglected as they create unique and difficult challenges. Traditional methods of repairing specialty trackworks require significant resources and track outages. As a result, maintenance is often delayed in these areas, resulting in a variety of debilitating ballast and subgrade problems.

Loram specialty excavators are a specialised vacuum excavator with unique flexibility that lead to non-invasive maintenance techniques allowing railroads to properly maintain specialty trackworks. The specialty excavator provides precise nozzle control for targeted material removal without damage to track components, which accelerates the remediation of the track structure. Remediating specialty locations leads to increases in the load bearing capacity, restores drainage in these areas and increases the overall maintenance completion rate in these difficult areas. These self-propelled, track-mounted machines optimise railroads maintenance activities and avoid service interruptions.

Specialty Excavating Features and Benefits

Designed with versatility, control and productivity in mind, Loram specialty excavators solve a variety of maintenance challenges including:

  • Removal of ballast from tunnels, bridge decks and grade crossings
  • Removal of materials from yards, stations and cars
  • Excavation and cleaning of drain tiles and culverts
  • Cross trenching for cables and pipes
  • Cribbing and undercutting mainline mud spots
  • Excavation of compacted or ice-crusted ballast, mud, water, sand and soil



Loram’s LRV is a powerful, rail-mounted specialty excavating machine that removes up to 38 cubic meters of material per hour using mechanical agitation and airflow. The most productive vacuum-based maintenance of way excavation machine on the market, the LRV combines a diesel engine-powered manipulator arm and powerful, twin engine vacuum pumps.

Loram Contract Services

Handling tough problems. The Loram difference.

The demands of maintenance in specialty trackwork and problem areas are often neglected due to the difficulty, limited access, specific requirements and experience. Tough, small-scale problems can cascade into larger systemic challenges, requiring significant resources and unplanned track outages. Loram helps you resolve troublesome problems with an exclusive line of versatile, purpose-built equipment and specialty excavation service solutions.

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