Loram is committed to keeping the environment clean while improving personnel safety. To this end, we have worked with industry leaders to develop clean Friction Modifiers that are an effective alternative to grease. Our product family consists of two Friction Modifiers: TOR-XTEND and TOR-FM. TOR-XTEND is a synthetic Friction Modifier that is much more effective in wet climates because it is not affected by rain or ice. TOR-FM is a water-based Friction Modifier that is effective in all other climates.

How They Work

Loram’s TOR-XTEND(Top-of-Rail Curve Friction Modifier) is an environmentally clean, synthetic-organic fluid. The TOR-XTEND™ was specifically developed for top-of-rail applications. TOR-XTEND™ offers all season protection for your rails. In addition to functioning as a Friction Modifier, TOR-XTEND™ concurrently serves as a freeze barrier to snow and ice. TOR-XTEND™ is resilient to low temperatures, and can be easily dispensed at temperatures between -30º F to 165º F, depending on viscosity grade. TOR-XTEND™ is superior to any oil-based and liquid grease lubricants because it will not easily wash away by rain and therefore maintains its effectiveness longer.


Loram’s TOR-FM™ is an environmentally clean, water-polymer solution. TOR-FM™ is the generic name for the family of Friction Modifiers currently made up of TOR Plus and TOR Premium. TOR-FM™ offers all season protection for your rails, and is resilient to low temperatures below 0º F. TOR-FM™ is biodegradable, safe to handle, and does not contain any solids such as graphite or molybdenum disulfide. TOR-FM™ eliminates any need for messy grease and their associated clean up costs.



• All season protection

• Reduces rail/wheel noise by up to 20 dB

• Environmentally clean

• Colorless, odorless, and water insoluble

• Water-based solution to grease / graphite and oil-based lubricants

• Safe to use

• Electrically neutral, does not cause any shorting / shunting problems

• Non-corrosive / biodegradable


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