Manual railroad switch lubrication is now a pain of the past, regardless of weather conditions, remote locations, or high-volume main line usage. Loram SwitchEnhancer™ has a proven industry track record for keeping railway switches lubricated 24 hours a day.


How it Works

SwitchEnhancer™ is completely customizable and adaptable for the unique conditions of each individual railroad switch. Simply assign how much Friction Modifier to apply to the railroad switch and how often. SwitchEnhancer™ automatically applies a Friction Modifier at the customized intervals. Railroad switch MOW lubrication costs are reduced dramatically, to merely keeping the SwitchEnhancer™ Friction Modifier tank filled.



• Reduces turnout and MOW costs

• ROI in five months

• Automatically reduces conditions that can cause derailments

• Reduces lateral force

• Reduces switch damage and switch repair

• Reduces load on switch machine

• Lubricates both rails at the same time

• Supports railroad switches in remote locations that are time-consuming for MOW personnel to reach


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