Loram CraneGlideTM is an automatic crane wheel lubrication system for portal cranes. It was developed to help with the excessive motor current draw by portal cranes in shipyards.

How it Works

CraneGlide™ uses precision-jet technology to apply an environmentally clean TOR-FM Friction Modifier. This produces a dramatic reduction in lateral forces which leads to a reduction in current draw by the crane’s motors, and greatly improves the crane’s operations. CraneGlide™ protects your portal cranes from stalling on curves due to an electrical trip. Loram’s CraneGlide™ is the choice solution for not only avoiding operational loss, but also having the potential to triple your crane lift productivity.



• Reduction of average current, and instantaneous peak currents

• Simultaneous crane operations possible (moving, rotating, and lifting)

• Prevents crane travel binding and trips in curves


Enhanced Performance and Safety

Loram’s CraneGlide™ can move the crane, lift a load, and rotate the boom simultaneously, which further improves your productivity in heavy load lifting capabilities. CraneGlide™ offers a dramatic reduction of noise, rendering ear protection for crew unnecessary, and improving communication between team members. Installing CraneGlide™ will increase your crane and crew productivity and safety.


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