Loram TracShieldTM is an intelligent system for wayside railroad track lubrication, that senses the passing of train axles on curved rail and automatically applies a Friction Modifier to the top-of-rail.

How it Works


TracShieldTM applies a Friction Modifier on both rails every time a train passes over the application area. The Friction Modifier is then carried by the wheels of the train for up to 2 to 4 miles. The system is activated by rugged wheel detectors, which applies precision, computer-controlled quantities of Friction Modifier.


TracShield’s reliable design requires very little maintenance. Because of its precision dispensing of fluid, one tankful will last longer than most others in the industry. The intelligent system is capable of being programmed to skip a certain number of axles, ensuring the lead locomotives do not have Friction Modifier applied to their wheels.



• Reduces track maintenance costs

• Reduces fuel consumption

• Reduces lateral / vertical forces

• Reduces wheel, track, and rail wear

• Reduces conditions that can cause derailments

• Reduces noise


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