Loram's Environmental Initiatives

Loram is dedicated to performing environmentally responsible and sustainable services.  Loram invests significantly in reseach and development initiatives that continue to mitigate rail maintenance related environmental effects.  The following demonstrates some of Loram's current initiatives.          

    Circle with LEED logo

Loram: A Green Headquarters 

Beginning in 2005, Loram took the "Green" approach during the expansion and upgrade of its headquarters in Hamel, Minnesota.  Loram is one of few companies in Minnesota that is LEED certified.  LEED certification follows six main initiatives: sustainablility, water efficiency, energy efficiency & clean atmosphere, materials & resources efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and innovation in design.  For an in depth look at the Loram LEED certification case study, click here. 


The following are the steps Loram is taking to address environmental issues unique to rail grinding:

Less Fuel Consumption, Less Emissions

Loram's latest rail grinders have the capability of achieving industry-leading fuel efficiencies and corresponding low emissions.  Superior fuel efficiency is achieved through the use of integrated engines and generators, and sophisticated controls that allow engines to be turned on and off as needed.

Cleaner Air

Reduction of grind dust emitted to the atmosphere is possible with the addition of filtration systems to the production grinders (see picture below).  Loram’s filtration system is the most advanced dust control system available, and is the only one in North America capable of meeting California’s stringent air quality specification 

Environmentally-Friendly Hydraulic Fluid

To eliminate the environmental impact of a hydraulic oil spill, Loram utilizes environmentally-friendly water glycol.  Furthermore, this water glycol is not susceptible to fire ignition.



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